Late Model Dirt Race Cars for Sale


Dirt track racing is a form of motorsport that is highly popular in America. Often done in oval tracks which length is 1 mile or less, it’s an action-packed race that can be confined in relatively small venues. It is one of the more exciting spectator sports out there as the high power of dirt racers, the relatively small and slippery track, and the number of participants allow for a lot of close-quarters racing, collisions, and even wipeouts. For those looking to get into the pinnacle of dirt racing, purchasing late model dirt race cars for sale is the logical first step.

For those who are not in the know, what exactly does it mean when the term “late model” is used? The term “late model” is generally used to denote a vehicle that is recently designed or manufactured. As such, it is possible that a late model car is either a brand new model or something that is 5 years old or less. This term is widely used for all kinds of purposes from police officers to racers. Given this definition, the term “late model dirt race car” means that the racer’s body and/or frame is based (or at least made to resemble) a late model vehicle (usually still in production).

If you are looking for late model dirt race cars for sale, one thing you must expect is that these cars are not going to be cheap. These cars are the top-of-the-line when it comes to racing technology. The body of the car is made of lightweight aluminum. The tube frame chassis is made of stainless steel for maximum rigidity and safety. An extensively modified V8 engine that can produce more than 800 horsepower is mounted up front. Those ingredients combine to create the most menacing machine in the dirt racing world.

Of course, acquiring these cars is never going to be cheap. Because of the extensive amount of work done in these vehicles, the price range of getting these vehicles brand new would cost you anywhere between 70 to 80 thousand dollars. If you are intending to buy only the body and chassis, you are bound to spend 20 to 30 grand. Of course, that doesn’t include both the engine and the transmission. This simply means that if you choose to take the body/chassis route, it’s either you must have a drivetrain on standby and/or you know how to make one.

Dirt Track Race Car

Dirt Track Race Car

Buying used late model dirt race cars for sale is definitely an option for those looking for a racer that’s more accessible to the budget. It must be noted though that when buying one from the used car market, one must be extra careful. Take a good look at the different specifications ranging from the size of the engine block to the width of the tires. A thorough inspection of the codes and serial numbers will also help you in identifying the car properly. Last and probably most importantly, search for potential damages in the body, chassis, and running gear.

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